Dancer is the multi award winning, 80s inspired neo noir martial arts short film set in the nocturnal underbelly of contemporary Melbourne. It tells the story of Richard, a disconnected hit man who develops an infatuation with Dallas, a stripper at a local club who has aspirations of becoming a ballet dancer. As he uncovers the violent and corrupt world she is enslaved by, he takes it upon himself to rescue her from her downward spiraling life at any cost.


Dancer was shot over 7 days (3 consecutive weekends) in Melbourne Australia over the winter of 2016 and had a pre-production period of 5 months which included 3 months of fight training and choreography. We achieved our crowd funding goal in just under 30 days. The fight scenes took approximately 6 hours to shoot over one day and condensed 3 months of training to just a little over 6 minutes of footage. Post production took just under a year to complete.


Dancer has been nominated 9 times and has collected 24 awards Internationally including 2 Best Actor Awards, 11 Best Feature/ Short/ Narrative Awards, 2 Best Score Awards, 1 Best Supporting Actress, 1 Best Supporting Actor and 5 Best Director Awards.


Director and Writer: John Balazs

Executive Producers: Anthony Dalleore, Lyn Fava

Producer: Marlane Ghmed

Associate Producers: Shane Joseph Willis, Vanessa Cammaroto

Director of Photography: Aldi Godjali

Editor: John Balazs

Music Composer: Justin Cavanaugh

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