John Balazs

Director / Producer

John Balazs is fast becoming one of Melbourne's most sought after action directors. His cinematic eye and unique vision has resulted in an impressive body of work over a decade within the Film and Television industries.

John graduated from JMC academy in 2004 where he received the best short film award for his debut short "Fallen". Shortly after graduating, he went onto produce a variety of commercials and music videos for various production companies in Melbourne. In 2007, he entered network Television as a production assistant on various game shows.

2009 saw John direct and edit two short films - "The Ice Cream Man" and "Short Black". Both films were well received in the local film festival market.

In 2016, John wrote, produced and directed action film Dancer, which was the first project that he had complete creative and financial control over. Dancer was shot over 7 days (3 consecutive weekends) in Melbourne Australia over the winter of 2016 and had a pre-production period of 5 months which included 3 months of fight training and choreography. Dancer has been nominated 9 times and has collected 22 awards Internationally including 2 Best Actor Awards, 11 Best Feature/ Short/ Narrative Awards, 2 Best Score Awards, 1 Best Supporting Actress, 1 Best Supporting Actor and 5 Best Director Awards.

2018 once again saw John return to the action genre once again with his short film NIGHT SHIFT. Preparation for the film consisted of 6 months of fight choreography and 5 days of shooting around Melbourne. Teaming up again with the fight crew from DANCER, the film showcased a fast paced and dynamic martial arts sequences that have earned him acclaim. Night Shift has earned numerous awards and nominations throughout the year.

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