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Night Shift is the follow up short film for Prima Lux films aimed at further showcasing the productions ability to produce comelling action sequences with a dynamic story with rich and vibrant characters. The film follows Bianca Fury, aguilt ridden police officer who  is forced to tackle her inner demons and rely on her training to survive and fight her way through 5 floors of a drug lab.


Night Shift was shot over 5 days (3 consecutive weekends) in Melbourne Australia over the winter of 2018 and had a pre-production period of 5 months which included 4 months of fight training and choreography. We achieved our fundings goal in just under 30 days through a mix of private and crowd funding. 


Director and Writer: John Balazs

Executive Producers: Sunil Kumar, Peter Terrill, Matt Theo, Zoran Bravo

Producer: Marlane Ghmed

Associate Producers: Cassie Dart, Vikki Blinks

Director of Photography: Paul Puccio

Editor: John Balazs